Polaris Ride Command


KEEP TRACK OF FRIENDS WITH GROUP RIDE Thanks to RIDE COMMAND™, the days of losing track of your riding friends in a cloud of dust are over. Use the Group Ride feature of the RIDE COMMAND™ App and integrated GPS to track your friends, find waypoints, and map & share routes. The RIDE COMMAND™ 7” Display lets you see exactly where your ride is headed.


CAPTURE AND SHARE YOUR RIDE Never miss an epic off-road moment again, thanks to integrated GoPro control. Start and stop recording and preview your shot angle from the comfort of your seat- no more wondering whether the camera is recording or getting in and out of the vehicle to control a camera mounted out of reach. Paired with the Ride Stats feature on the RIDE COMMAND™ App, you can instantly share your off-road experience from the display via Bluetooth smartphone connectivity.


EXPANSIVE CAPABILITIES & INTUITIVE DISPLAY RIDE COMMAND™ includes a Glove Touch capable 7” off-road ready display that acts as the hub of the system, giving you the capability to integrate front and rear cameras, GoPro cameras, in-vehicle communication systems, audio systems, the RIDE COMMAND™ App, and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. This creates the most comprehensively connected off-road experience ever.

STAY CONNECTED WITH OTHER RIDERS RIDE COMMAND™ includes an integrated in-vehicle communication system that allows you to easily hold a conversation with passengers without shouting over the noise of the trail. Connect beyond your vehicle by linking your smartphone via Bluetooth to receive and display texts and calls from friends and family. So visit Don Wood Polaris and check out the new "Ride Command". "Ride Command" is available on Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS LE, General 1000 EPS Ride Command Edition or as an accessory option. Contact us or stop by today!